Foundry 8 Jakarta

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New hangout spot and eatery situated in the heart of the busiest city in Indonesia, Jakarta. Known for serving the best coffee in town, now you can satisfy your coffee addiction at KAFFEINE. Our kitchen is also a haven for best known of Balinese Crispy Duck. We are stylish in a way that might signal coffee shop just as much as cocktail bar and restaurant. KAFFEINE offers a chilled place with spacious interior yet sophisticated ambiance that will relax you and entertain you.

The only place in Jakarta where you could find famed Gayo Arabica is at KAFFEINE. Now, caffeine fanatics can sample shots of espresso and cups of joy of Steampunk, made to order from freshly roasted, iced-coffee fans in cold drip style brew as well as French press. Our direct-trade café sourced its coffee beans from our own plant and farmers at the highland of Aceh. An excellent selection of quality coffee is also available from Bali, Flores, Sulawesi and Papua. Our Steampunk, a state-of-the-art coffee machine, works and produces great tasting coffee from high-pressure steam without sacrificing consistency the way some conventional coffee machines do. Combining quality beans, proper machines and skilled baristas.

The finest culinary traditions of Balinese is presented in a wonderfully setting in KAFFEINE. The Chefs expertly prepare your dishes with Balinese influences which produces unique and fragrant dishes. One of our best know dishes is the KAFFEINE CRISPY DUCK, authentic savory using selected Ubud Village ducks and anything you can dream of. The menu at KAFFEINE is simple yet emphasize its placed on the freshness of all products used. We offer western dishes that may stimulate you. Indulge in any of our delicious treats from our well-known Black Russian Pie to decadent Carrot Cake.

The Foundry 8 Zona A – SCBD Lot 8
Jln. Jenderal Sudirman Kav 52 – 53
Jakarta Selatan 12190
phone: (021) 5153178