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“Adventure in life is good, consistency in coffee? Even better!”  (Justina Chen)

Look back and trace your taste in coffee. If you haven’t drink a cup of really really good coffee right from those farmers to your table,

This is your time to wake up to the smell of that kind of coffee and feel the difference!

Yes, an opportunity to get one! For even more coffee lovers to enjoy a freshly brewed, rich and smooth tasting of Arabica Gayo Coffee.

You can get a free coffee during early lunch hours.

This event builds on Kaffeine first-ever Free Coffee Event. It’s a way to show our appreciation to you as our guest.
Available from 11 am – 2 pm
Follow our twitter @kaffeine_indo
Write a comment about using hashtag #kaffeinelovers
Show it to our server and get 1 free coffee for one person

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